It's war out there, and BOOTCAMP is a call to arms to join the Lord's Army. There is no middle ground. You're either a soldier of Christ (the Commander-in Chief), or a POW of the enemy! At BOOTCAMP, recruits will learn to battle their own sin nature, learn how to equip themselves for daily battle, and learn how to march against the darkness with the Gospel, advancing on the enemy and helping to claim territory for the name of Christ!

The War We Fight: You may not realize it, but you are right in the middle of a great war. It’s the war of the ages; the war which has caused every other war in the history of humanity. It is the war between good and evil; between God and Satan, and you are right in the middle of it. Ever since Satan fired the first shot against humanity in the Garden of Eden (Genesis chapter 3), Adam and Eve and all their descendants have been held as prisoners of war in slavery to sin; the chains which keep us from our Heavenly Father. The chains of sin are a death sentence and cannot be broken by any human means. There is, however, a way to be freed from the bonds of sin and join in the fight against evil. Only Jesus can free us from our captivity to sin. Under His command, we can become active soldiers for His Kingdom, working to free countless other POW’s. Make no mistake; you ARE part of this war, and if you don’t fight, many will die.

Kes.10000 per ticket

The event is open for kids between the age of 7yrs to 21yrs.
Payments is Kes 10000 .
The event runs from 11th December 2017 till 15th December 2017.
Below is the Google Map location and the week lonfg schedule.

10th Sep 2017 Bootcamp registration start website / GSM Registration Desk @ JIAM HQ
1st Nov 2017 Bootcamp registration closes website / GSM Registration Desk @ JIAM HQ
11th Dec 2017 Bootcamp event starts Diani Beach,mombasa county,Kenya
15th Dec 2017 Bootcamp event ends Team resumes back to Nairobi

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Fantastic product

My kid is one of the most active members of the school`s christian union,thanks to the children`s bootcamp.

Fiona S.2 Sep 2017

Love this!

The bootcamp that my child attended previously played a huge role in modelling my kid into the ways of God.I advise parents to ensure their kids attend this year`s bootcamp.

Joy Yola7 Aug 2017